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Orange Floor Plan

Our new Dwellings are identical in the overall size and structure to our original design, but in the pursuit of perfection we have spent countless hours reconfiguring and tweaking our designs over the last few years. With our new upgraded features Vagavond Dwellings are the most well thought out functionally complete home designs available. Vagavond makes it simpler than ever for you to obtain the healthy self-sufficient off-grid life you’ve always wanted.

Solar Ready
Our human powered and passive appliances offer you such low power requirements your Dwelling can easily be powered with a small off-grid solar panel system. For a ready made device we recommend the Solman portable solar generator. Alternatively you can work with a local specialist to configure your own alternative energy system from scratch.

For our new yakisugi exterior we char our exterior cedar cladding to the perfect alligator skin appearance in the same traditional way that has been done for centuries in Japan. Traditional way meaning we us zero propane, just organic material such as wood and paper to start the fire that we utilize to char our exteriors to the perfect handcrafted finish. Yakisugi provides a rich, deep, beautiful finish that is naturally fire resistant, rot resistant, pest resistant, and weather resistant. The charred finish is durable enough on its own, but we take it a step further and finish it off by saturating the charred cedar with multiple coats of non-toxic, all natural pure tung oil.

No Propane
To be considered truly off-grid our new designs have eliminated the use of any and all propane. We now offer the Origo alcohol burning oven/stove for cooking, a solar hot water heater with both wood fired and electric backup heat sources, and a small solid cast iron wood burning stove for heat.

Tung Oil
The solid wood knotty pine woodwork throughout the entire interior and your choice of laurel or ebonized oak solid hardwood floor are all fully finished with pure tung oil for a durable, easy to maintain, naturally non-toxic finish. Since all of Vagavonds woodwork, inside and out, is finished exclusively with pure tung oil you won’t have any question as to what type of finish to apply when it comes time for a touch-up or maintenance coat.

Sheep’s Wool

All Vagavonds utilize Oregon Shepherd brand natural wool insulation in the interior wall, floor, and ceiling cavities. Our naturally hygroscopic wool cavity insulation consists of all natural sheep’s wool treated with borax for pest resistance and added fire resistance. The sheep’s wool interior cavity insulation is completely natural and non-toxic and also has the added benefit of absorbing and sequestering common indoor air pollutants. Our custom combination of wool cavity insulation and continuous rigid polyisocyanurate exterior insulation with integrated foil facing with foil taped seams provides an unmatched level of insulation. Every Vagavond Dwelling floor and ceiling achieves an R-24 insulation value, and the walls achieve an R-19 rating. But R-values don’t tell you the whole story, when looking at insulation values you have to look at the wall system as a whole. Thermal bridging happens at interruptions in your insulation, which happens at structural wood framing members. Our uninterrupted continuous exterior insulation effectively eliminates thermal bridging at wood framing members (e.g. studs, joists, rafters), interruptions in your insulation can otherwise reduce the overall effective R-value performance of your wall system. Polyisocyanurate provides you with the highest R-value of any insulation per inch. Polyisocyanurate is also the only foam product that is naturally fire resistant, which means it is the only foam product that doesn’t contain any toxic flame retardants.

Vagavonds exterior rainscreen system utilizes wood strapping attached to the studs through a layer of polyisocyanurate rigid insulation and Typar brand house wrap. This system works by creating a drainage plane/air gap between the back of the cedar siding and the continuous foil faced rigid insulation with foil taped seams. This allows a path for wind driven rain and inward solar vapor drive to be expelled away from the structure harmlessly. Another advantage of the rainscreen design is that it allows the back side of the cedar siding and trim to dry, which avoids the potential for rot problems in the future. The rainscreen design also creates a shaded air barrier between the back of the siding and the foil faced rigid insulation. The foil facing with air gap effectively reflects the suns radiant heat away from your house interior keeping your Dwelling much cooler in intense sun conditions.  Even though this continuous exterior insulation with taped seams qualifies as the required weather resistive barrier under the current building code, we take it a step further by including an additional weather resistant barrier by installing a layer of Typar brand house wrap. Typar is a breathable woven polypropylene house wrap. We use Typar because it is the the most resistant to tears and surfactants. Surfactants are contained in most soaps and oils, but surfactants also leach out of wood, and can diminish the effectiveness of all house wraps. This is yet another reason we take the extra time and attention to detail every Vagavond Dwelling by separating the house wrap from the cedar siding with the rainscreen air gap and a layer of continuous rigid insulation.  


We use only Andersen Windows E-series Axiom casement and awning wood windows with anodized aluminum exterior cladding. The clear anodized aluminum cladding is as durable as it is eye appealing, that’s the reason Apple utilizes anodized aluminum for the cases on most of their electronics products. Anodizing is a process that is similar to how a wood stain penetrates wood, only the aluminum is electrically charged to form a molecular bond with the penetrating clear finish which actually hardens the aluminum. Unlike painted finishes, anodized aluminum won’t fade, scratch, blister, peel, or chalk. With unsurpassed hardness, anodized aluminum makes an ideal exterior window finish for your Vagavond Dwelling.

Our windows offer superior efficiency with High-Performance Low-E4 glass. High-Performance Low-E4 glass employs a hermetically-sealed system for optimum insulation from heat, cold and sound. A patented low-conductivity spacer separates the two panes of glass. The space between the two panes is filled with an argon gas blend to minimize the thermal transfer. Compared to ordinary dual pane glass, Low-E4 glass is up to 57% more energy efficient in summer and up to 44% more efficient in winter.

High-Performance Low-E4 glass reduces sound penetration significantly, when compared to single-pane glass. High-Performance Low-E4 glass features an invisible titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating, which makes cleaning easier. When this coating is activated by sunlight, dirt loosens from the glass and can be washed away by rain. The special TiO2 coating also makes the glass dry faster with up to 99% fewer water spots when activated by sunlight. High-Performance Low-E4 glass works like sunblock to filter ultraviolet (UV) rays that can fade fabric and damage furniture.

Ordinary dual-pane glass lets 63% of UV light pass through. High-Performance Low-E4 glass is layered with 11 microscopic coatings that cut UV transmission down to 17% with virtually no effect on the clarity or color of the light that enters your home.

The largest energy efficiency problem with most windows is that they leak air. Single hung, double hung, and slide-by windows are notorious for air leakage. This is caused by the “sweep” style weather strip they utilize that merely brushes up against the opposing window sash. Vagavond uses only casement and awning windows for this reason. Casement and awning windows are much more effective against air leakage by having the entire window sash pull in tight against the frame mounted compression weather seal, which is more efficient at stopping air leakage. Casement and awning windows also allow the entire surface area of the window to be opened allowing for much more effective ventilation than other window styles that only allow a maximum of about 45% the window surface area to be opened.


Vagavond’s standing seam metal roofing with hidden fasteners is offered in our signature metallic acrylic coated galvalume. The metal roof is highly reflective, which shields your home from the suns radiant heat. Our metal roofing is installed over high grade underlayment and two layers of polyisocyanurate rigid insulation. The additional R-10 insulation above the plywood roof sheathing minimizes the potential for condensation to form on the underside of the roof sheathing, which is a common problem, with metal roofs in particular, that can lead to rot and mold. Our metal roofing is also attached in such a way that makes it extremely wind and vibration resistant, making it extremely durable for the road, or earthquake or hurricane for that matter.


Our new stainless steel built-in fridge by Summit nearly doubles the food storage of our old fridge and maintains the same volume of freezer space with its integrated freezer. The advantage of a built-in fridge is that it vents to the front which more efficiently dissipates its heat from the coil, unlike the typical dorm style fridge which is designed for freestanding use. A freestanding fridge used in an enclosed area, such as under a countertop is very inefficient compared to our Summit built-in fridge. For the truly committed off-gridder you can go fridge-less and opt for our zero energy fermentation pantry instead for the ultimate in off-grid energy conservation.


Vagavond’s complete bathroom design includes a stainless steel shower stall with a drop-in slatted teak wood floor and a sleek frameless glass shower door with integrated towel bar handle. The shower plumbing includes a Moen Level shower head and controls.  We’ve also added a bathroom sink with a Moen Level faucet with a vanity mirror and storage above for your towels and toiletries. We include our signature modern styled custom built solid pine frame encased low-tech composting toilet, which is the only true off-grid zero waste toilet option available.


In our original Dwelling our basic bench style storage sofa certainly performed its basic function, but we felt it didn’t quite live up to the level of comfort and quality standards that we’ve set for our homes. Our new sofa design has been massively upgraded in terms of the look and feel, non-toxic durable materials, and hand crafted quality. When conducting research for our new designs, oftentimes we start out thinking we’re going to find some miraculous new technology that promises to offer up a sustainable, durable, non-toxic alternative to mass produced toxics. But instead of some new technology coming to our rescue, in many if not most cases we find ourselves looking to the traditional old world methods of doing things. Such is the case when we ventured out to figure out how to make a sofa without the massive amount of petroleum based polyurethane foams that slowly decompose into the air we breath creating toxic dust particles. If toxic decomposition of polyurethane foam weren’t enough for us to want to eliminate the use of foam cushions in our homes, all the toxic halogenated flame retardants that must be added to foam certainly are.

Our built-in sofa is handcrafted with traditional upholstery materials and techniques. Our Sofa starts with a strong high quality kiln-dried solid hardwood frame which utilizes non-toxic wood glue at its hand crafted mortise and tenon joinery. Mortise and tenon wood joinery is a laborious and time consuming technique, but the payoff is an extremely durable long lasting frame that no other wood joinery method can match. The individual metal coil springs are hand stitched to a hand stretched base of the highest quality English webbing, which is made of flax. Then the coil springs are 8-way hand tied with spring twine made of hemp. The springs are then covered with a layer of heavy burlap which is made of jute. Then we hand stitch and tease a thick even layer of pure horse hair which gets covered in another layer of burlap. Next we hand stitch and tease yet another thick even layer of pure horse hair which then gets covered in yet another layer of burlap. Then we attach a layer of Eco-Wool batting from Shepherds Dream, Eco-Wool Batting is pure and clean and free of all chemical additives.  Domestically produced, the majority of our wool comes from our home state of Oregon and is carded into batting at the Woolgatherer Carding Mill in Montague, California which is just south of the Oregon border. Then we cover the layer of Eco-Wool batting with a high quality layer of organic cotton muslin. Finally we finish the sofa with a layer of durable hemp upholstery grade fabric.

Our new desk and dining table unit frees up a lot of space with it’s built-in drawers and swing down desk/table top. Built of solid pine the desk blends in seamlessly with the surrounding wall when not in use. Three full extension drawers glide effortlessly on their ball bearing drawer slides, so you get full use out and easy access to every inch of the deep drawers.

Hand Crafted Solid Wood Cabinetry
Our hand crafted solid wood cabinetry means no particle board or plywood to off-gas into your indoor air. Our built-in cabinetry throughout our Orange and Strawberry Dwellings includes our signature metal hardware and full extension ball bearing drawer slides.

Wood Stove
Vagavond includes a small well built solid cast iron wood stove which efficiently radiates the warmth from the fire inside. The door mounted glass allows the beautiful flickering glow of the fire inside to light up the room. The stove vents through the roof safely with a triple walled stainless steel chimney pipe. Our wood stoves heat shield consists of a concrete backer board that is finished off with stainless steel. The heat shielding adds functional beauty protecting the surrounding walls and floor from an otherwise potential fire hazard. With its modern yet classic styling our wood stove makes a stunning centerpiece to our Dwellings that will never go out of style.


Our Swedish made, beautifully and durably constructed, Origo brand stainless steel alcohol burning oven with two burner stove have been around for a long time. The fact that this oven/stove has stood up to the harsh salty air and the rigors of the open sea on so many boats around the world throughout the years is a testament to its durability. Alcohol stoves burn cleanly which means better air quality compared to any propane or natural gas stove, especially if you use pure alcohol such as everclear or moonshine instead of denatured alcohol. Alcohol is also much safer than propane and natural gas because there’s no pressurized gas or pipes to leak out causing potential explosions. Alcohol is superior to electric ranges because not only are electric ovens and hot plates extremely energy inefficient, but they also emit strong electromagnetic fields that can impact your long-term health.


In addition to every Vagavond Dwellings nine fully operable crank out casement and awning windows, Panasonic bath fan and range hood vent which are both vented/ducted to the exterior, we have included an air exchanger. Vagavonds air exchanger continuously removes stale air and excess humidity, which can quickly cause problems like mold and mildew in any tightly built enclosed living space. The air exchanger solves the problem of needing to bring in fresh outdoor air without having to open a window and lose all your heated or cooled air. Our air exchanger works by pulling stale air from the interior of your home and passing it through the air exchanger core which transfers the temperature of the indoor air to the incoming fresh outdoor air without cross contamination of the air streams.


Vagavonds structural design starts with all solid 2×4 wood construction throughout, utilizing the latest in advanced framing techniques. Our designs have eliminated the need for and use of any toxic pressure treated wood. We also use all solid exterior plywood sheathing which contains zero urea-formaldehyde. We use solid plywood panels, not oriented strand board which has the need for much more adhesives and also has a tendency to swell at the edges which can impact the structural and cosmetic integrity of your home. Our solid plywood sheathing holds the framing rigid by being zero-VOC glued with Eco-bond brand heavy duty construction adhesive, screwed for greater tensile strength, and nailed for greater shear strength. This makes for an extremely stable and durable structure that’s ready for the road without the use of highly toxic materials such as adhesives and urea-formaldehyde that have become standard in most homes.

150 Square Feet

24 Feet Long

8.5 Feet Wide

13.5 Feet Tall

7,000 Pound Trailer

We think companies should be completely transparent with respect to the disclosure of all the ingredients that go into their products. We are extremely proud of the non-toxic building materials and finishes that go into every Vagavond. So proud in fact that we’ve decided to compile a complete list of all of our materials and finishes into an easily sortable portfolio. The portfolio will be categorized into the basic raw materials that our Dwellings contain. We do this in the interest of full transparency and disclosure so you can rest easy in knowing what your home is made of.

We will soon have our portfolio of ingredients up and running so you can easily sort through and review all of the materials we use and see what ingredients they contain. If you’d like to be notified of the release of our ingredients portfolio you can sign up to receive Vagavond Updates via email at the bottom of this page, that is if you haven’t already done so.

Design Choices
Hardwood Floor

Laurel -or- Ebonized Oak


Include -or- Omit (deduct $5000)

Wood Stove

Include -or- Omit (deduct $5000)


Include -or- Omit (deduct $1000)


Include -or- Fermentation Pantry (deduct $2000)


Include -or- Omit (deduct $3000)


Include -or- Omit (deduct $5000)

What We Accept

Our preferred method of payment is electronic funds transfer from your bank account to ours. We also accept cash or cashiers checks. We do not and will not offer any financing or payment plans.

Payment Process
  1. To Get On Waiting List: $2,500 Down Payment
  2. To Begin Construction: 70% of Final Purchase Price
  3. To Pickup Or Deliver Home: 30% of Final Purchase Price

If you’d like to purchase a Vagavond Dwelling we require a $2,500 non-refundable deposit to hold your place on our waiting list. This Deposit will be applied to your first payment. Your first payment of 70% of the purchase price must be paid in order for us to start the construction of your Dwelling, otherwise the next client on our waiting list will be able to jump ahead of you. Your Final payment of 30% of the purchase price is due before delivery or pickup of your Dwelling.

Lead Time

Our build time is 2-4 months from the start of construction of your Dwelling. The amount of time from placing an order until delivery will vary based on the Dwelling you select and your position on our waiting list. Contact us to find out the current lead time for your home.


You can arrange for the pick up of your Dwelling for free from our Holland, Michigan location. Alternatively, we can deliver your Dwelling to the continental U.S. location of your choice at a rate of $4 per mile from our Holland, Michigan location.

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